Build website start blog

Build a Website and Start a Blog in a Day

Looking for a new income stream to add to the mix this year? A website is a passive-ish way to build a side hustle that is infinitely scalable and can even make money for you while you sleep. 

At first glance, building a website can seem daunting. Between formatting CSS to adding snippets of code to your site, you might not think it’s worth the stress. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to build a website.

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15+ Sustainable Household Swaps

15+ Sustainable Household Swaps You Can Make to Save $20,000

I recently moved into an apartment after spending about two years living first at my parents’ house and then in my car. When I left my last apartment I sold anything and everything I could. I didn’t need it anymore, why hold onto it?

I’m starting from scratch which means I need to buy everything from furniture to household cleaning supplies. Perusing the aisles of Target one day it dawned on me just how expensive continually buying single-use household items is. Constantly buying things like toilet paper is literally flushing money down the drain.

In this article, I’m going to share a few simple sustainable household swaps you can make to save money on bathroom products, cleaning supplies, and general household items. You might not realize it, but single-use items are eroding your ability to generate wealth.

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Pay for law school no money

How to Pay for Living Expenses in Law School with No Money

Going to law school is an investment many students make hoping to launch into a high-paying job at the end of it. While lawyers get paid the big bucks — more than six-figures in most states — pursuing a career in the legal profession comes at a cost. Most lawyers also come out of law school with more than $140,000 in debt.

The student debt burden of law school drives many newly minted lawyers to choose the highest paying job offer rather than the best job offer. This too comes at a cost: big corporate law firms promise high salaries in exchange for a lot of billable hours. Before you know it your high-paying lawyer gig is costing you your nights and weekends and you’re barely able to hit enough billable hours to make ends meet

The paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle isn’t just something that happens to working class Americans — it happens to educated professionals too.

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personal finance book

Your Money or Your Life: The Best (and Only) Personal Finance Book to Read

Personal finance isn’t a subject taught in the American school system even though it really should be. If you feel dumb as a rock when it comes to your finances you’re not alone. Only 24% of Millennials are considered financially literate. 

Gurus get away with selling you courses and classes for hundreds of dollars while accountants make bank during tax season simply because most of us don’t understand our financial system. No matter where you’re at in your personal finance journey, the best (and arguably only) personal finance book you need to read this year is: Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin.

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